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Denture by McBride Dental San Marcos CA, dentures for San Diego, Escondido and Carlsbad California. Same day denture replacement and denture repair in a day San Diego, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Rancho Sante Fe and Oceanside. Dental bridge, partial dentures and natural looking dentures from McBride Dental dentures San Marcos, Poway, Vista, Ramona, La Jolla CA.


McBride Dental San Marcos - San Diego Denture Expert

for Dentures, Denture Replacements and Quick Repairs

At McBride Dental, our expertise is dentures. Fitting dentures is part science and part art. It requires the highest level of skill and experience. Your facial profile is analyzed to ensure a natural fit and smile. Function is important, so we carefully fit dentures for proper chewing, speech and comfort. Each exam includes a cancer screening and we employ the latest infection control procedures in a clean and comfortable setting. As a denture expert, Dr Mike McBride gives denture wearers the most comfortable and most natural looking dentures.


At McBride Dental, we focus on fitting dentures, partials and plates. We even have an on premises denture lab. We are one of the few denture dentists who provide same day denture relines & repairs. McBride Dental is San Diego's convenient choice when it comes to dentures.


Why Choose McBride Dental for your Dentures?

  • We assure proper placement to create a natural smile, avoiding the “denture look
  • Careful denture adjustment for proper speech and chewing functions
  • Denture comfort is a priority
  • Infection control and cancer screenings
  • Our on site denture lab can deliver denture repairs in a day

Same Day Denture Repair

Visit our on site denture lab for fast replacements and repairs. We handle all denture adjustments, relines, denture partials and plates. We are one of San Diego's few denture dentists who provide same day denture repairs. Learn More > | Visit Our Office > Denture Lab

Cancer Screening

Every McBride Dental denture exam includes a free cancer screening.

New Patient Consultation

Each new McBride Dental patient gets a free examination, dental x-rays and consultation. Together, we develop a plan to give you back the healthy smile you deserve.
Schedule a new patient consultation >


Denture Impants
One of the best improvements for denture wearers is the placement of dental implants. Denture patients who have implants constantly report the positive changes in their quality of life. Learn More >

Visit McBride Dental

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